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2300 N. Commerce Pwky, Ste 308
Weston, FL 33326

5 stars Recommended
Amazing quality service. Dr. Bosem and the office staff make you so comfortable. I did my Lasik procedure today and couldn't be happier. I will always recommend you.

5 stars 5
Well, I found Dr. Bosom offices by mistake, the offices staff is super, gave me more than enough information, for me to make an appt. and my second appt. was even more impressive, I am ready now for my surgery and a clear vision without glasses or contracts!

4 stars 4
I am so sooo pleased with the results of my lasik surgery!!!For the first time, I can see clearly and sharp! My sister and I decided to get the procedure done together and even though she chose the new wave laser to create the flap, I decided to get the old school procedure which uses a blade instead of the lasers to create the flap because of the lower cost. The surgery itself only took about 15 minutes and was completely pain free. My only concern was a gentleman who worked in the office who was constantly warning me about getting the "old school" style lasik which made me extremely nervous. He told me if I didn't get the more expensive lasik, there may be complications & nobody ever gets that style anymore. :/ I'm not sure if it was to upsell to get me to spend more on the newer procedure or not but it was very unsettling especially hearing all of this literally right before my surgery! Thank goodness for Jenna calming me down and assuring me that Dr Bosem is BEYOND qualified to do the procedure I wanted! I couldn't be happier! I have been passing around Dr Bosems cards to everyone, he is amazing!

5 stars 5
Dr. Bosem corrected my vision two years ago so I no longer needed contacts for distance or reading glasses. I couldn't be happier and regret waiting until I was 50 to have the LASIK surgery done. I did not have any complications and had a quick recovery. I highly recommend CorrectVision Laser Institute.

5 stars 5
The experience, at Dr. Bosem's office, was a great one. They really made me comfortable and at ease.

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