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5 stars 5
I have to say that I've never had such a good experience at a Dr's office in my life. What a wonderful experience with all the Dr's and staff. Dr. Bosem was very Professional and made my experience very comfortable. I felt right a home and laughed with all the staff, it was great! All the staff treated me with kindness and sinsarity. I want to thank luisa fernanda for making it happen and giving her time to be there with me. she is totally the best. Also a shout out to the dear Dr.perez for being the best after the procedure. I can't forget Ana and Rosana for being the best as well.. great job guysI will recommend my family and friends or anyone that If youre inquiring on lasik surgery search no more because this place is where it's at..

5 stars 5
2 weeks ago I did the lasik operation with Dr. Bosem and it such a great experience that it completely exceeded all my expectations. The entire staff was extremely knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable before the operation. The day of the operation, I was only in the office for about 30min and could already see clearly just felt dryness in the eye. By the night of the operation, I was fine and was able to go to work the next day at the fire department. I now have better than perfect vision and I cannot thank Dr. Bosem and his staff enough.

5 stars 5
We have visited three of the clinics, following Dr. Gonzalez' and Perez' schedules. Both are great optometrists and the supporting staff is perfect. The clinic is well managed in all aspects.

5 stars 5
Life changing....I can see to drive at night again without glasses.("before my surgery I could barely see at night to drive with glasses")Dr.Marc Bosem did Cataract surgery on both my eyes, and to my amazement I can see colors in my daughters painting that I had never seen before.It brought tears to my eyes because her painting was more beautiful and vibrant than I had known,and also I knew in that moment that my eyes were really bad,and that Dr.Bosem had given me the miracle of seeing life's true colors again. Thank you Dr.Marc Bosem!!! ?? You are my Heroe!!! "Surgery,recovery, painless."

5 stars 5
I am so pleased with my experience at CorrectVision. The staff is all very polite and friendly and I felt very safe putting my LASIK surgery in the hands of Dr. Bosem. He is very thorough, and explained everything in detail to me before the surgery so I didnt have any lingering questions or concerns. Both he and the staff told me exactly what to expect during the surgery so there wasnt any anxiety. During the surgery he also kindly let me know when we were halfway through, three-quarters of the way through, etc. which was very nice and reassuring to hear. The procedure was so incredibly fast it blew me away and I was seeing at 20/20 as SOON as the procedure was over. Now, three days later, my vision has improved even more and I am seeing at 20/15! It is life-changing. If you are considering having LASIK done I highly recommend Dr. Bosem and his team. I cannot thank them enough. I would also like to specially thank Ruth as she is who I initially met with to discuss the surgery and she was just so wonderful.

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