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Will Insurance Pay for LASIK Surgery?

By admin July 29, 2019

Unfortunately, most insurance companies don’t cover LASIK
because laser eye surgery is nearly always considered an elective procedure. Elective
procedures are typically procedures that are optional, nice to have done, but
not medically necessary. 

Although insurance does not often cover the cost of LASIK,
certain people may be able to get their laser eye surgery covered due to
special circumstances.

People with certain safety requirements (police or firefighters) or medical conditions—such as contact lens intolerance, severe dry eyes or severe allergies—might qualify for insurance-covered LASIK. Either of these conditions can make wearing glasses and contacts dangerous or impossible, leading to a need for LASIK. The conditions must be documented, and there must be a good-faith effort to use contacts and glasses. Even then, an insurance company might not view LASIK as medically necessary.

If you have any type of health insurance policy, contact
your benefits coordinator to find out exactly what is and is not covered. You
can ask your company questions regarding the amount of coverage offered, what
procedures may be covered, and how much you will have to pay whether you use an
in-network or out-of-network healthcare provider.

Other Ways to Pay for LASIK

Many U.S. employees have an FSA, HSA or HRA to cover health expenses with income-tax-free accounts. The cost of laser eye surgery is an eligible expense for all these accounts.  In addition, some people may deduct the cost of major medical expenses. Check with your tax preparer to see if you qualify. If you know you want LASIK but are concerned about up-front cost, assess your contributions during your employer’s open-enrollment window and consider increasing your savings so you can afford the procedure next year. At Correct Vision Laser Institute in Pembroke Pines, we understand the frustration with wearing glasses and contacts and the desire to have LASIK. That’s why we offer a variety of flexible payment plans and financing options to help make laser eye surgery more affordable for you. To learn more about LASIK and ways to pay, contact us at 954-442-1133 or correctvision.com.

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