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What is the Best Age to Get LASIK?

By admin June 24, 2019

LASIK is a great option for many people who suffer from poor eyesight. But one question many people have before considering this procedure is what the best age is to get LASIK? There is a right and wrong age for LASIK.

The Best Age For LASIK

Generally, the perfect candidate for LASIK is someone between the ages of 20 and 40. This is because a major determining factor in LASIK candidacy is a stable eye prescription for at least two years. Just as your body grows and matures through adolescence, so do your eyes. Research shows that your eyes begin to stabilize and your prescription is more likely to remain steady after the age of 20.

LASIK for Teens

Although LASIK is a safe and effective way to improve
vision, the FDA has not approved the procedure for people under the age of 18
because their eyes are not fully developed. In some cases, a person’s eyes may
not fully develop until the age of 21. A teenager who undergoes LASIK surgery
when their eyes are not fully developed will find the results to be temporary
and may need corrective surgery in the future.

Older LASIK Patients

Older patients typically suffer from age-related conditions
that cannot be treated with LASIK surgery, such as cataracts, and therefore may
not be good candidates for the LASIK procedure. Cataracts occur when the
natural lens in the eye becomes cloudy, resulting in blurred vision. It is one
of the leading causes of vision loss among older people. Patients with
cataracts should consider undergoing cataract surgery, in which the eye’s
natural lens is replaced by an artificial lens.

The benefits of LASIK have convinced millions of people to undergo this procedure. To determine whether you are a good candidate for LASIK surgery, schedule a consultation with one of our doctors in Pembroke Pines by contacting Correct Vision Laser Institute at 954-442-1133 or correctvision.com.

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