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What Five Questions Should You Ask Your LASIK Surgeon?

By admin January 23, 2015

shutterstock_114326254One of the biggest steps following the decision to undergo LASIK surgery is to attend a consultation with a LASIK surgeon. We, at CorrectVision Laser Institute, congratulate you on your decision and understand your nervousness going into this consultation; however, we assure you that there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

LASIK surgeons are professionals that have completed extensive degree programs, residency stays and additional special training. The number of qualified surgeons is widely available, but the final decision comes down to which one is right for you and your procedure. To narrow the search, we have provided five, crucial questions to ask your LASIK surgeon to ensure that you feel safe with the idea of the procedure and receive the desired outcome from a professional you trust.

1. What experience do you have in the Field?

When the LASIK surgeon gives you an answer to this question, ensure that he or she addresses the following:

  • How long have they been practicing LASIK?
  • How many LASIK procedures have they performed?
  • How many LASIK procedures have they performed using the laser that will be used on your eyes?
  • Of the procedures performed, did many patients have similar eye problems as you?
  • What special training have they completed?

All of these clarifications will make it easier for you to find an experienced LASIK surgeon to conduct this procedure.

2. Have you performed LASIK on any of your family members or other doctors?

One great and telling sign of expertise is being trusted and trusting oneself to perform this procedure on loved ones and/or other LASIK professionals. It’s still okay if they haven’t been given the opportunity; however, if they have, it’s considered a big plus.

3. What if I need enhancements?

According to a study conducted by a LASIK research firm, approximately five percent of patients will need enhancements. If you were to fall into this percentage, many laser eye surgery providers offer enhancements at no extra cost for a year after the surgery. To find out your provider’s policy on enhancements, contact them directly about specifics. Ask if the same technology would be used for the enhancement as for the original surgery and which eye condition makes one more prone to needing enhancements.

4. What will happen after surgery?

Once you have undergone the surgery, a follow-up appointment should be scheduled for the next day. Then as time passes, the follow up appointments should be scheduled in one week, one month and three months. The professional you meet with in these appointments may not always be your LASIK surgeon. Often a LASIK surgeon will partner with an eye doctor to monitor your eye health. If one or any of these professionals seem unconcerned about the care you receive after the surgery, exercise caution.

5. Where can I find testimonials or speak with former patients?

Typically, LASIK surgeons keep patient testimonials and contact information on hand. This is a great opportunity to learn what you should expect from the surgery and address any reservations you may have.

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