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What Does LASIK Feel Like?

By admin July 11, 2022

Knowing what to expect helps alleviate some of the anxiety about LASIK eye surgery and helps patients feel more comfortable. Patients often have a list of questions about the LASIK procedure, with most answers being straightforward about what they can anticipate. One of the most commonly asked questions that does not necessarily have a simple answer is “what does LASIK feel like?”

How a patient feels during a surgical procedure is typically subjective; but given that nearly 700,000 LASIK surgeries are performed each year with a 96% satisfaction rate, we can safely assume any mild or temporary discomfort is worthwhile. Our natural reflex when a bright light or object is coming toward our eye is to flinch or back away, not something you want to do during a LASIK procedure. One of the main benefits of the laser technology used in LASIK is the accuracy of the tracking of the pupil so even if a patient moves or blinks, the laser will still pinpoint with specificity its target area. Another benefit of LASIK surgery is how quickly the procedure is performed. The actual sculpting (ablation) with the laser only lasts between 5-20 seconds per eye and the initial stage of cutting a flap in the cornea only takes about 30 seconds. In less than a minute, corrective surgery has been performed on the eye! 

With such reliable technology and minimal surgical time, patients not only find the risks to be minimal but that the procedure was over so quickly they didn’t even have enough time to feel much of anything. LASIK eye surgery is not painful, but some patients may experience the feeling of pressure in the eyes. Before surgery, anesthetic eye drops will be given to numb the eyes to help ensure the patient does not feel anything during the surgery. If a patient feels anything in the eyes at all, it is usually the suction from the tool used to create the flap at the onset of the LASIK procedure. 

Patients likely won’t feel anything during LASIK but once the numbing effect of the eye drops wears off and feeling in the eyes returns after the procedure, patients may begin to exhibit feelings of recovery that can include irritation. Normal side effects immediately following LASIK eye surgery include a slight burning sensation, an irritation in the eye like the feeling of a small eyelash caught in the eye, dry eyes, sensitivity to light and glares and halos. With proper after care, patients can minimize LASIK side effects, promote healing, and be well on their way to experiencing the freedom and clarity of their newly corrected vision. 

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