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Milwaukee Brewers Avoid the Spread of Pink Eye by Banning High Fives

By admin March 31, 2015

shutterstock_207945274Pink eye, medically known as conjunctivitis, is a common eye infection that consists of redness and swelling of the conjunctiva, or the mucous membrane that outlines the eyelid and eye surface. There are two kinds of pink eye (viral and bacterial); however, both share common symptoms that include: both eyelids being stuck together in the morning, uncomfortable, thick yellow or green discharge, thin, clear drainage from the eye and itching. Though the severity of it is mild, pink eye is highly contagious!

How to Spread Pink Eye Directly and Indirectly

Pink eye has the ability to be shared directly and indirectly, making it extremely easy to catch. Several ways that this can occur is through touch, coughing, sneezing, rubbing the affected eye and then rubbing the unaffected eye and various other ways that put you at risk. These actions include sharing a towel, swimming in a contaminated swimming pool and touching dirty dishes etc.

The Case of the Milwaukee Brewers

Recently, the Milwaukee Brewers caught wind of this contagious infection. Catcher Jonathan Lucroy and the pitching coach, Rock Kranitz, caught pink eye. Though they have tried to spare the other players by staying home, the infection still affected other players.

Have you noticed teammates stopped giving each other high fives? This was their solution to stop the spread of pink eye: Ban high fives and instead tap elbows or fist bump with their gloves on. So far, it has worked and the once affected players are now returning to the team with a clean bill of health. The players have been advised to be sanitary, wash their hands and be conscious not to put their hands near their eyes or mouth.

Prevent Pink Eye From Happening to You

Pink eye is most commonly spread within areas where people live, work and play. Always be cognizant of your environment if you are aware that someone nearby is infected. At CorrectVision Laser Institute, we have provided you with some tips in order to keep you and your loved ones’ eyes safe and healthy.

  • Daycare and preschool will not permit children to attend with pink eye.
  • If you work in a laboratory where microscopes are shared, this is a considered a common point of origin for pink eye.
  • People who work in an office and share computer keyboards with others must wash their hands before touching their face.
  • Bedding, towels and personal items must not be shared during the time of infection and washed every day.
  • Makeup and eye drops should avoid being shared.

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