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Medieval Eye Infection Remedy Proves Potent Against MRSA

By admin April 15, 2015

shutterstock_142053856Dating back to the 10th century, a medical concoction consisting of two species of Allium (typically found in garlic, onion, leek, wine, oxgall and bile from the stomach of a cow) was used to treat eye infections. For the desired results, physicians would brew the mixture in a brass vessel, purify it through a strainer and let it sit for nine days before applying it. Little did they know, they had created an effective remedy for something that is very difficult to treat in today’s society. If you are suffering from an eye infection, and searching for South Florida eye specialists, contact CorrectVision today for an appointment.

Researchers in Britain and in the U.S. have discovered that this medieval remedy is able to defeat MRSA.

What is MRSA?

MRSA, or medically known as Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, is a bacterium that infects different parts of the body. The only evidence of this condition is the formation of small, red bumps on the skin that later transform into deep, painful abscesses that may need to be surgically drained. Though most infections aren’t life threatening, they are one of the more difficult strains of staphylococcus aureus to treat because of its resistance to antibiotics.

The Effect of this Remedy Against MRSA

Dr. Christina Lee is a professor at the School of English at Nottingham University and recreated this concoction as an experiment to see if it could work as a modern-day treatment. She used mice that showed obvious signs of the infection and applied the remedy to their wounds. Much to her surprise, it not only cleared up the styes, but also abolished 999 out 1,000 MRSA bacterial cells present.

Scientists are still unsure as to why this remedy is so effective. Further experimentation has demonstrated that no single ingredient in the remedy had any affect whatsoever. This leads researchers to believe that the particular combination of ingredients and how it’s brewed are key to the remedy’s success.

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