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LASIK Questions: What You Need to Know Before the Procedure

By admin April 14, 2016

a woman who has lasik questions before considering the procedureHaving any kind of surgery is a big decision, and LASIK is no exception. The procedure has both benefits and risks, and there are several important questions to ask before you consider having it done.

5 LASIK Questions You Should Ask Before the Procedure

1. Can You Meet With the Surgeon Beforehand?

You should never go into surgery without being able to talk with the doctor prior to the procedure. Make sure that you can set up a time to speak with your LASIK surgeon to discuss any concerns that you may have. This meeting will also give you a chance to determine if you feel comfortable with a particular doctor handling your surgery and if their credentials are adequate. Take the opportunity to find out how the procedure will be performed, what equipment will be used and the plan for follow-up care.

2. How Familiar is Your Surgeon with the Procedure?

When you’re speaking with the surgeon, ask how long he or she has been performing laser surgery. Familiarity with the latest techniques is also important, as well as a high rate of success and patient satisfaction. Seek out patient reviews and testimonials online to confirm what the surgeon tells you and to reveal if there’s any reason for you to be concerned.

3. What Are the Limitations of LASIK?

Since LASIK involves cutting a flap in the cornea, people with thin, weak or diseased corneas aren’t good candidates for the surgery. Several other conditions can also disqualify you:

• High rate of refractive error
• A prescription that fluctuates often
• Severe dry eyes
• Participation in contact sports

Even if you qualify, you may still need to wear glasses or contact lenses after the surgery. Some people also find that the effects of LASIK wear off over time as age-related vision changes set in.

4. What is the Healing Process Like?

Some LASIK patients experience discomfort for a day or so following the procedure. The first improvements in vision can be seen after 12 to 18 hours, but full recovery of optimal vision usually takes three to six months. During that time, your doctor may prescribe eye drops and advise you to refrain from activities such as swimming, high-impact sports and intense exercise.

5. Are There Any Common Complications?

All types of surgery carry some measure of risk. In the case of LASIK, problems can include:

• Inflammation
• Infection
• Displacement of the corneal flap
• Halos, glare or double vision
• Over- or under-correction of vision
• Dry eyes

In rare cases, patients may experience partial or complete loss of vision. Although side effects are considered to be rare, your surgeon should go over these risks with you before the procedure and explain how such complications are handled.

Only you can decide if you’re comfortable with having LASIK surgery, and getting honest answers to these questions ensures that your choice will be an informed one. Have an in-depth discussion with your eye doctor and do additional research on your own to determine if LASIK is right for you.

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