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Is LASIK Eye Surgery on your Christmas List?

By admin December 19, 2014

laser-eye-sunConsider including LASIK eye surgery on your Christmas list this holiday season! Many individuals believe that, due to the cost of LASIK eye surgery, the procedure is unaffordable. However, the procedure price encompasses more than just the surgery itself.

Before scheduling your surgery, you will be given a detailed list of what the price for LASIK eye surgery includes. Typically, the average cost (per eye) for LASIK eye surgery is $2,000, which incorporates the cost of the surgeon you choose, the vision care center you decide to have the procedure at and your care before and after the surgery. The following are three guaranteed services you should expect to be covered under the total cost of $4,000:

Bladeless LASIK Eye Surgery

Bladeless LASIK is the world’s most advanced and readily available form of laser eye surgery. This type of LASIK eye surgery was developed in order to work on your unique corneal fingerprint, which automatically makes it the best procedure for you.

This type of laser eye surgery operates by a femtosecond laser. The laser creates a flap of protective corneal tissue in which the surgeon works under. If you opt for a bladed LASIK eye surgery, the surgeon will use a microkeratome blade and you can expect to pay much less.

Post-Op Care 

The second service that should be covered in the price for LASIK eye surgery is post-operative care. This includes your appointments for a year after your surgery. These follow up appointments are crucial to your eye’s healing process and will allow you to measure your post-surgery distance vision.


Enhancements are offered in case your eyes change over time, such as changes in distance vision. One of misconceptions regarding LASIK eye surgery is your eye problems are cured for the rest of your life. Unfortunately, that is not the case; this procedure is designed to increase your quality of life. Maybe in the future you will need glasses or contacts again; however, if you fall into the small percentage that require enhancements, know that they are covered in the price.

LASIK eye surgery is affordable, attainable and a wonderful addition to your Christmas list or to gift to a loved one!

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