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I Wear Bifocals, Will I Still Need Reading Glasses After LASIK?

By admin January 25, 2023

Most people assume that with LASIK surgery, you will never rely on reading glasses again. While LASIK works to correct common vision problems of nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, the eye can still change years after LASIK due to natural aging. Depending on age and other vision conditions, reading glasses may still be necessary after LASIK. Whether a patient has LASIK or not, people over the age of 40 tend to need reading glasses as a natural result of presbyopia ocular aging. Interestingly, many patients who wear bifocals will be good candidates for a specific type of LASIK procedure known as monovision LASIK because of presbyopia.

For patients looking for an alternative to bifocals, monovision LASIK is an excellent option. Bifocal glasses contain two 2 lens powers that correct both distance vision on the top of the lens and the bottom lenses for focusing on objects up close, as in reading. Bifocal glasses are not only associated with older patients. Because people of all ages spend significant time using computer and digital screens, there is greater demand for change in eyewear technology. For many people, bifocals serve to strike the balance between looking straight ahead at the computer screen while switching to look down to read and write. As with traditional LASIK, candidates for monovision LASIK will need to have proper corneal thickness as well as not be suffering from dry eye syndrome. Monovision LASIK corrects only one of the patient’s eyes, instead of both in traditional LASIK. One eye will be set as the dominant eye for distance vision and the non-dominant eye for near vision. With both eyes open, the brain processes both types of distances and blends them together for improved vision. 

After LASIK, a patient should no longer have the need for bifocals. Over time, however, reading glasses may be necessary. Although the cornea was permanently reshaped during LASIK, the lens of the eye will age and change over time, especially if the patient develops presbyopia or had the condition before laser eye surgery. Presbyopia occurs when the interior lens thickens and loses flexibility, making it difficult to focus on nearby objects. If this occurs, reading glasses are a simple solution. Patients can also elect to undergo another surgical procedure known as refractive lens exchange or an intraocular lens implant. 

As always, potential changes in vision vary from patient to patient. To find out if you are still likely to need reading glasses after LASIK if you currently wear bifocals, schedule a consultation with Correct Vision laser Institute. With a comprehensive eye exam, our doctors will answer your questions to best prepare you for what to expect after LASIK. Call 954-442-1133 or visit online at WEBSITE to book your appointment today.

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