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Five Eye Health Tips That Can Save Your Vision

By admin July 20, 2016

Woman putting clean contacts in her eyes.

Eyesight may decline with age, but the habits you adopt now can influence how quickly changes to your eyesight occur and whether they become serious. Control the outside factors affecting your eyes on a daily basis and minimize your risk of disease with these five eye health tips.

Slip on Some Sunglasses

Your eyes can become damaged from direct exposure to the sun’s rays or from reflections. Too much sun increases your chances of developing cataracts and can lead to skin cancer on the surface of the eye. Sunglasses labeled as blocking 100 percent of all UVA and UVB rays prevent damage by filtering out the most damaging parts of the light spectrum. Wear this type of lens whenever you go outdoors on bright days, even if it’s the middle of winter.

Be Smart about Safety

Protective eyewear is essential when working with chemicals, power tools, and other potentially hazardous objects. Choose goggles or a safety shield appropriate for the task and made from a material designed to deflect flying particles, stand up to high heat, or retain its integrity when exposed to harsh chemicals. Goggles are also a must when swimming in a lake or pool to prevent irritation from both natural and manmade substances.

Keep Contacts Clean

Touching your eyes without washing your hands invites bacteria to take up residence. Since contact lenses sit on the surface of the eye, it’s especially important to keep them clean. Wash your hands before handling contacts, and always clean lenses with the correct solution. Avoid wearing your contacts for longer than recommended. Being consistent with this regimen lowers the risk of infection.

Love Leafy Greens

Dark leafy greens, including kale, collards, spinach and Swiss chard, contain high levels of antioxidants along with essential vitamins and minerals. They may all look similar, but the chlorophyll is hiding more nutrition for eye health than the famed carrot. Other colorful veggies, especially those with bright red, orange and yellow hues, are powerful vision protectors. Make at least one big salad with a rainbow of veggies every day to keep your eyesight healthy and give the rest of your body a boost.

Give Your Eyes a Rest

Staring at anything for a long time can cause eye strain, whether it’s a computer screen, a mobile device or a regular book. Take frequent breaks when working or reading, looking up and away at something in the distance and blinking a few times. If you tend to get engrossed in what you’re doing, set a timer to remind yourself. Maintain good posture and keep your screen or book at a reasonable distance to minimize strain when you are looking at it.

Eye health management is an integral part of any plan for total wellness. Your vision is too important to leave to chance, and these eye health tips are easy to follow. If you’re experiencing any problems with your eyes, talk with your eye doctor to establish a plan for restoring health and preserving it in the future.

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