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How to Prevent Common Eye Problems this Summer

By admin August 21, 2015

a little girl shielding her eyes from common eye problems in the summerSummer entices us to engage more in outdoor activities, such as leisurely swims. It’s also a time of year that brings on an array of eye problems. Since there is more dust and pollen in the air during this time, the eyes can become vulnerable to allergic reactions, which can later cause several eye problems. Even though summer is almost at an end, we have provided you with a list of common eye problems and how to prevent them until the season subsides.

Dry Eyes

Dry eyes are a common summer issue due to high temperatures and increased dryness in the air. For relief, wash your eyes often and use lubricating drops as needed.


A stye is a result of a bacterial infection that causes inflammation, pain and redness in the eye. Styes often occur in the summer in conjunction with exposure to water and the outdoors. In order to treat it, you must use a hot compress in addition to antibiotics.


Conjunctivitis, also known as pink eye, is extremely common in the summer. Since it’s highly contagious, we recommend that you see your doctor immediately, so you can be prescribed antibiotics. In addition to this treatment, make sure that you wash the eye regularly for a few days, until the infection has cleared.

Eye Allergies

Redness, puffiness, itching and burning can all be symptoms of an allergic reaction to environmental irritants that are more prominent in the summer. Use drops to lubricate the eyes, wash them regularly and make sure to avoid applying sunscreen too close to them.

To get the most out of what’s left of your summer, make sure that you maintain good hygiene by regularly washing your eyes and wearing sunglasses for protection against UV rays, pollen and flying debris.

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