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What to Expect from a Laser Eye Surgery Consultation

By admin November 21, 2014

AllegrettoWave3Considering laser eye surgery is the first step for those who wish to improve your eyesight. The second step is to set up a consultation with your eye doctor to determine your candidacy for the procedure. During the consultation, your physician will discuss your treatment options with you and conduct a non-invasive eye exam. From this consultation, your physician will recommend the best procedure to suit your optical needs.

How to Prepare for your Consultation

The best way to prepare for your upcoming consultation is to cease wearing contact lenses (if you wear them) weeks or days before your appointment because contact lenses can distort your cornea. By forgoing contact lenses for a period of time, your cornea will revert to its natural shape, which is needed for your laser eye surgery consultation.

What is Included in the Laser Eye Surgery Consultation

Your physician will meet with you in a private room the day of your laser eye surgery consultation. You will need to answer questions regarding your use of glasses or contact lenses, why you are interested in laser eye surgery and your expectations if the procedure is performed.

When asked about your expectations for the procedure, focus on realistic goals because those who do are considered good candidates for surgery. Realistic goals include a reduced need to wear glasses or contact lenses or that you would like to live a more active lifestyle.

One’s medical history is another determining factor of whether you are a good candidate for the procedure. Certain conditions, such as dry eyes or ocular herpes, can affect your candidacy and recovery time post surgery.

Lastly, medications you take, in addition to your lifestyle, may also affect your candidacy. These inquiries are made to determine whether you are eligible for laser eye surgery.

The Laser Eye Surgery Exam

After your physician consultation, you will complete a comprehensive eye exam. This assessment will include pupil dilation and prescription measurement as well as the measurement of the cornea. A tear-film test may also be performed to assess for dry eyes. The tests are painless and will be explained as they are being administered to you.

Knowledge Gained from a Laser Eye Surgery Consultation

After the eye exam is completed, your physician will discuss the results and your candidacy for laser eye surgery with you. If you are considered to be a strong candidate, you will receive an opportunity to ask questions about the upcoming eye surgery.

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