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Testimonial from Thomas M., Stockbroker

By admin January 1, 2011

I had been wearing glasses since I was five years old, contact lenses (both hard and soft), for the past twenty years. I had researched corrective surgery in its various forms for over eight years. LASIK was the first procedure I felt comfortable enough to actually proceed with. I had surgery done on February 19th. What a change in my life it has made! I went from having a hard time seeing where I put my glasses to seeing 20/20 the next day. The procedure itself was painless, the recovery immediate, and the results fantastic. I went to Jackson Hole, Wyoming one month after the procedure. The improvement in my vision really became apparent on that trip. I was able to see colors, details and wildlife I know I would have missed before. Thank you, Dr. Concool, for making such a wonderful difference in my life.

Thomas M.

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