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7 Quirky Struggles of Wearing Contacts

By admin February 5, 2016

a contact lens wearing showing the struggles of wearing contactsWhether you just started wearing contacts or are an experienced pro, you’re no doubt familiar with the problems that these tiny corrective lenses can cause. From the slightly annoying to the truly painful, people who don’t use contacts will never understand these seven daily struggles of wearing contacts.

1. Dealing with Irritating Comments

You’re not alone if you feel like you’re going to scream the next time someone acts grossed out and asks how you can stand to touch your eyeball when putting in or taking out a lens.

2. Dried Out Lenses

Wind, heat and air conditioning can all dry out your lenses. If you don’t have any cleaning solution or eye drops on hand, your only option is to blink until your contacts start to moisten again. It’s also not unusual to find dried contacts stuck to random things around your house.

3. The Sleep Dilemma

You’re really tired, but you have to take your contacts out before you can sleep. Sometimes you lose the battle and wake up in the morning with unrelenting pain in your eyes. No matter how many times this happens, you still don’t always manage to avoid sleeping while wearing your contacts.

4. Errant Eyelashes

Getting an eyelash stuck in your eye is bad enough when you don’t wear contacts, and having one slip under a lens is even worse. You can’t rub it away, and it’s likely to take longer than usual to get your contacts out because you’re distracted by the feeling of having something pinned to your eyeball.

5. Accidental Rubbing

It’s a natural reaction to want to rub your eyes when they itch, feel dry or get tired. Doing so with contacts in can be a painful experience. You also run the risk of the lenses slipping out of place or of having one fall out, losing it entirely.

6. The Mysterious Missing Lens

When a contact lens does go missing, you’re faced with the problem of trying to figure out where you dropped it or if you dropped it at all. Is it on the floor somewhere or still in your eye? Losing a lens in public is even worse since you have to crawl around on the floor until you find it.

7. Forgotten Glasses

There’s nothing worse than forgetting about your glasses only to realize how desperately you need them after you take your contacts out. Depending on how bad your vision is, it could actually be dangerous to grope around trying to locate them. If you find yourself blinded by this mistake, it’s best to ask someone for help retrieving your alternate “eyes.”

While joking about contact lens problems can help when you’re feeling frustrated, it’s important to remember that there can be real problems associated with this type of eyewear. Not taking care of your contacts can result in eye damage, so be sure to follow your eye doctor’s instructions for use and upkeep.

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