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Why Sleeping With Contacts Can be Crucial to Your Eye Health

By admin August 6, 2015

a guy rubbing his eyes due to the effects of sleeping with contactsAre you ready to fall asleep after a long day? Before you do, don’t forget to take out your contacts! While sleeping with contacts may seem harmless, it can actually damage your eyes, and cause complications to your eyesight.

The Impact of Sleeping with Contact Lenses

Sleeping with contacts can impact your eye health in a variety of ways. We have listed a few to emphasize how important it is to remove your contacts either before a short, power nap or a good night’s sleep.

Eye Infections – Sleeping with contact lenses can increase the risk of infection. This occurs because the cornea relies on oxygen in the air for circulation, and the lenses, in addition to the eyelid, can impede the flow of oxygen to the eye. This lack of oxygen can ultimately alter the physiology of the eye’s surface cells, resulting in a build up of infection-causing germs.

Keratitis – Contact lenses can get dirty very easily. Debris, such as proteins, dust and germs, are prone to getting trapped between your eyelid and your contact lens throughout the day. Once enough time has passed, they will begin to bind themselves to the cornea, causing inflammation. This phenomenon is known as keratitis. The symptoms experienced with keratitis include: red eye, photophobia, impaired vision and a gritty sensation. If left untreated, it can cause lasting damage to the eyes, such as limited vision, blindness and total loss of the eye.

*According to the CDC, there are 1 million diagnosed cases of keratitis every year, with 58,000 in the emergency room. Most of these cases are due to negligence, including sleeping with contacts.

How to Avoid the Risks of Falling Asleep with Your Contact Lenses

Since you don’t need to see when you are sleeping, we recommend that you remove your contacts and clean them with the proper contact solution to ensure that your eyes are able to rest and get the proper airflow they need. Remember to always use the best practices while taking care of your contact lenses.

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