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School is Back in Session: Why Now is the Best Time for a Pediatric Eye Exam

By admin September 11, 2015

a boy having a pediatric eye exam

Kids who don’t see well are prone to fall behind in school, however, with regular visits to the eye doctor, this mishap can be avoided. It’s important for kids to undergo regular eye exams, especially when the school year starts, because their eyesight is directly linked to basic learning skills and proper development.

According to the American Optometric Association, 5 to 10 percent of preschoolers and 25 percent of school-aged children have vision problems that impact learning. In conjunction with this find, we have provided several reasons why your child should receive a pediatric eye exam.

1. School Vision Tests Aren’t Enough

School Vision Screenings typically only test for distance vision, or how well a child can read a chart from approximately 20-feet away. Commonly known as the blackboard test, this test is not comprehensive enough to determine if any other eye conditions exist that may affect your child’s cognitive learning abilities. A child who passes this test could easily have near-sightedness or color blindness, both of which can prevent them from reading a book or learning colors properly. Make sure to schedule a full pediatric eye exam with a licensed ophthalmologist to test your child’s full visual capabilities.

2. Records Your Child’s Eye Health

Eye exams for children should happen yearly to track the development and changes in their eye health. If your child does have a vision impairment, yearly exams will record any changes to their current eye health and ensure that the correct course of treatment is pursued.

3. Ensures Your Child’s Visual Learning Capability

It has been said that 80 percent of what we learn is through our eyes. An eye exam ensures that your child’s vision isn’t interfering with their learning, hence providing them with a successful start to the new school year.

If a child has a vision problem, they often have trouble learning and participating in class, which can ultimately lead to behavioral problems. For instance, children who have undiagnosed color-blindness might be considered to be acting out, when in fact they are just seeing the world differently. Avoid mis-or undiagnosed vision impairments by scheduling an eye exam to rule out vision problems as a probable cause to your child’s behavioral issues.

5. Can Detect Other Underlying Health Concerns

Many medical problems can be detected through comprehensive eye exams, including diabetes, thyroid disease, cancer and tumors. Scheduling regular eye exams is a proven way to safeguard your child against these diseases and ensure their health.

Try to arrange a pediatric eye exam when your child will be the most relaxed and happy. Once scheduled, make sure to explain to your child what might happen during the appointment and explain the benefits. If your child needs corrective glasses, get them involved in the process of picking out the frame. They will be more willing to wear glasses if they feel like they had a say in the matter.

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