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LASIK vs. PRK: Which One is Right For You?

By admin May 29, 2015

LASIK Eye SurgeryIn today’s society, LASIK and PRK are the most popular methods of correcting vision, whether you have nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism. If you have one of these vision impairments and are not quite sure which procedure is right for you, CorrectVision Laser Institute has provided you with the differences between each procedure.

The Difference Between LASIK and PRK

LASIK surgery is a laser vision correction treatment that uses an Excimer laser to reshape the corneal surface. The procedure is performed under a very thin flap in the cornea. PRK is an almost identical procedure, except it is performed directly on the corneal surface. LASIK and PRK treatments both provide excellent visual outcomes and freedom from glasses for distance.

Why Patients Choose One Procedure Over the Other?

Patients prefer one procedure to the other for two particular reasons. Those who favor LASIK do so because of its fast recovery time. Once the procedure has been completed, only the edges of the corneal flap need to heal. Typically the healing process takes about 24 hours, and within a day patients can resume driving, reading and computer use.

For PRK, however, recovery time is one of its main disadvantages. PRK patients require an average of three to four days before the surface of the eye has completely healed. During the first four days, a bandage contact lens is worn to protect the healing surface, and after one to two weeks patients will begin to experience the result of the surgery.

Patients who prefer PRK do so because it is relatively safer than LASIK. Since PRK is performed directly on the corneal surface, there is zero risk of flap-related complications (wrinkled flap, displaced flap, incomplete flap, debris under the flap, inflammation under the flap or an imperfect flap). Also without the procedure involving a corneal flap, the corneal tissue is left in tact and is typically stronger and more stable after the procedure. This is beneficial because in the event that a patient needs a second treatment or enhancement, there will be more tissue available.

Which Procedure are You More of a Candidate For?

For the most part, the requirements for becoming a candidate for LASIK or PRK are similar. A few characteristics that may make you more of a candidate for PRK are having thin corneas, an irregular astigmatism or prior eye surgery.

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