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Is Laser Cataract Surgery the Future?

By admin July 27, 2015

close up of blue eye for laser cataract surgeryThe eye has two structures that work together to focus light into the retina. A cataract occurs when the lens that focuses light becomes clouded or discolored, scattering light before it reaches the retina, causing hazy or blurred vision.

The most common way to treat cataracts is through a manual surgery done by a surgeon. The surgeon makes an initial incision to remove the clouded lens and then uses a vibrating needle to break up the cataract and vacuum the pieces out of the eye.

How Laser Cataract Surgery Works

Now, new advances in the field are making laser surgery a more precise and effective way to treat cataracts in combination with manual techniques from a surgeon. The laser, the same femtosecond laser used in LASIK surgery, delivers infrared light to the eye breaking up the cataract into tiny segments ready for removal. Using image-guided control, the laser then makes a smooth, circular cut to the eye capsule and photodisrupts the interior of the cataract, softening it for easier removal. The laser does this using both less energy and fewer incisions than in manual surgery, reducing movements that could cause irritation and inflammation in the eye. Less irritation and inflammation decreases recovery time, which is a benefit for any patient undergoing surgery.

Though the use of lasers for cataract surgeries is a relatively new development in the field, leading surgeons are looking to laser cataract surgery as the future of treating cataracts for its precision and fast recovery time.

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