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How to Make Your Tax Refund Work for Your LASIK Eye Surgery

By admin February 10, 2015


A New Year not only marks a new chapter in our lives, but also the start of tax season. Understandably, this time of year is stressful for many people; however, one’s anxiety can dissolve away once tax refunds are deposited.

There are multiple ways to use your tax refund including: depositing it into your savings, traveling or even paying off debt. At CorrectVision Laser Institute, we recommend a more non-conventional use of your refund: LASIK eye surgery. Choose to spend that extra cash on a procedure that will impact your life forever.

If you’re interested in LASIK eye surgery in Miami and would like to know how to make your tax refund work for you, we have provided four steps to ensure this procedure is made an affordable reality.

1. File Your Taxes

You can start filing your taxes on January 31st. We recommend that you file your taxes as early as possible, so that your tax refund will arrive sooner rather than later. The government generally takes about three weeks after you file to send your tax refund. This is just to give you some sort of timeline, so you know when to book your LASIK consultation.

2. Schedule Your LASIK Consultation

While waiting to receive your refund, you can book a LASIK consultation. Typically, this eye exam is free and often determines if you will be a good candidate for the procedure. If this exam concludes that you are a good candidate, you can finally schedule your eye surgery date!

3. The Day of Your LASIK Eye Surgery

We recommend that you make this important date during the tax season, so you give your eyes a chance to heal before summer. With your new, corrected vision you’ll be able to experience the world like never before.

4. Deduct LASIK From Your Medical Expenses

LASIK eye surgery can be considered a deductible medical expense for some people. This is determined by how much you make before taxes and how much you spend on medical costs. To see if you qualify for this tax deduction, speak to a financial professional.

Save for LASIK

If you’re uncertain about LASIK eye surgery, we recommend saving and planning for next year with your tax refund. Keep in mind that the average cost for LASIK eye surgery is $2,000 per eye, so that you can plan accordingly and figure in your next tax refund.

CorrectVision Laser Institute is one of Florida’s most advanced vision correction practices and has extensive experience in LASIK eye surgery. Our goal is to open your eyes to the world of great vision by offering unparalleled expertise and the most advanced technology available. Contact us today for a consultation!

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