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How Much is LASIK in Miami?

By admin December 28, 2020

Most people know that LASIK can help correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.

Most people know at least one other person who has had LASIK and now has 20/20 vision.

So why doesn’t everyone who has to wear glasses or contacts get LASIK? One of the top reasons (aside from not being a good candidate for the procedure) is the cost.

The average cost of LASIK in the United States in 2019 was $2,246 per eye.* It’s not uncommon to experience sticker shock at first. But think about how much you’re spending already.

How Much Are You Spending on Blurry Vision?

The one-time cost of LASIK may actually be cheaper in the long run than the life-long expenses of replacement glasses/contacts, cleaning solutions, etc. Here’s a very basic overview of average costs. Your annual amount for glasses and contacts may be higher or lower.

  • Contact Lenses: $250/year
  • Glasses: $360/year
  • Cleaning Solutions: $200/year
  • Estimated Cost Over 10 Years: $8,190 (and you still have blurry vision)

Beware of Cheap LASIK!

If a LASIK center quotes you a cheap price, there is probably fine print that will ultimately drive up the cost for a procedure with inferior, outdated technology or a less experienced doctor – things that may not give you the vision results you want. Your eyesight is too important to search for a bargain surgery option. 

No Need to Save Up: LASIK Financing in Miami

You may not realize that financing is usually available for LASIK. The Miami LASIK doctors at CorrectVision Laser Institute accept financing through CareCredit® to make LASIK more affordable. This plan offers 0% interest or low-interest monthly payment plans. If you qualify, you may be able to spread your procedure cost over the course of 24 months without added fees. In fact, you may already be spending close to the same amount on your glasses and contacts every month that you would spend each month paying off LASIK.

Find out if LASIK is right for your eyes and how much your procedure would cost by scheduling your free LASIK Consultation at CorrectVision Laser Institute today: (954) 442-1133 or click here. We’ll be happy to explain how financing works and start you on the right path.

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