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Don’t Be Fooled by These 5 Eye Health Myths

By admin November 3, 2016


Mid-aged couple watches TV and surf the web on their couch.

Everybody says sitting too close to the television or reading in low light is bad for your eyes, but are these “facts” really true? Find out which eye health myths could be sabotaging your personal vision care.

Only Bright Sunlight Damages Eyes

Harmful UV rays from sunlight are always filtering through the atmosphere, even on cloudy days, making sunglasses much more than a summertime fashion statement. Neglecting to wear high-quality sunglasses with 100 percent UVA and UVB protection whenever you spend time outdoors could lead to damage at a cellular level. Such damage is one of the culprits behind eye conditions such as cataracts and macular degeneration. Talk to your eye doctor about the best sunglasses to protect your eyes, and never leave home without them.

Too Much Screen Time Affects Vision

You might feel like your eyes have been rubbed with sandpaper after staring at the computer or TV for a long time, but it doesn’t mean your vision has been damaged. The feeling is the result of eye strain, due in part to a reduced rate of blinking when looking at electronic screens. To avoid the problem, take a break every 20 minutes and allow your eyes to readjust by looking at something at least 20 feet away.

People With 20/20 Vision Can Skip Eye Exams

Just like your annual physical can catch potentially serious problems early enough to take proactive measures, an annual eye exam can help preserve healthy vision by detecting conditions just beginning to develop. Skipping this exam or waiting until you start to have symptoms could mean missing the chance to slow, stop or reverse eye diseases.

How Often You Wear Glasses or Contacts Can Affect Vision

For the majority of people, not wearing prescribed corrective lenses won’t cause vision to get any worse, nor will choosing to wear them all the time cause eyes to become “dependent.” The only exception to this myth is in certain conditions where children need glasses to correct specific vision problems.

If your eyes feel strange or you begin to get headaches when wearing your glasses or contacts, it’s time to visit the eye doctor and find out if you need a new prescription.

Vision Loss is Inevitable

Although vision changes over time, you’re not doomed to lose clarity as you age. Getting regular checkups and living a lifestyle designed with eye health in mind can help you avoid much of the “normal” decline associated with getting older. Even individuals with genetic predispositions toward eye diseases can keep these conditions in check with the right preventative measures. You may need glasses in your later years, but there’s no reason to worry about a serious decline in vision.

Most eye health myths are harmless, but some could lead to problems if accepted as solid truth. To maintain the best possible eyesight for life, use common sense. Protect your vision, follow a healthy lifestyle and visit your eye doctor regularly for qualified vision advice.

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