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6 Celebrities Who Had LASIK and Benefitted From It

By admin April 7, 2016

one of the celebrities who had lasikLASIK surgery is one of the most popular procedures for vision correction. In fact, even some celebrities have relied on it to fix eye problems that were interfering with their daily lives. Here are just a few of the celebrities who had LASIK.

Celebrities Who Had LASIK

1. Drew Carey: It’s hard to tell exactly when Drew Carey had LASIK surgery. He still wears his recognizable black-rimmed glasses as host of “The Price Is Right,” although he reports that he no longer needs them to see properly. He is now able to enjoy activities, such as scuba diving, that were difficult to participate in before LASIK.

2. Jimmy Fallon: When hosting the “Late Night” show in 2009, Jimmy Fallon packed up his production team and brought them along to film his LASIK surgery. The procedure was subsequently posted on the show’s blog for curious fans to view. Fallon no longer suffers from the nearsightedness that used to qualify him as almost blind and reports being happy with the results of the surgery.

3. Nicole Kidman: LASIK isn’t always the right choice for serious vision problems, but in Nicole Kidman’s case, it was a big success. Prior to having the surgery, Kidman was considered legally blind when not wearing corrective lenses. Despite this, she appeared in a long list of films and earned her fair share of awards. Now the actress reports having 20/20 vision, meaning that she no longer sees the world as a “blurry mess.”

4. Brad Pitt: The unmistakable face of Brad Pitt has appeared in 71 different productions since the start of his career. It’s not possible to notice just by watching these movies that the actor had extremely poor vision before undergoing LASIK in 2010. Today Pitt has 20/20 vision and is continuing to work on new film projects as both an actor and a producer.

5. Blake Shelton: The announcement of country star’s, Blake Shelton, decision to have LASIK surgery went out to his Twitter followers in 2015. He was back onstage in just three days. Shelton’s only regret is that he didn’t undergo the procedure sooner. As a musician, good vision is necessary for safety during performances and to be able to interact with fellow band members.

6. “Weird Al” Yankovic: Famous for his whacky original music and parodies of popular songs, Weird Al used to sport glasses and a mustache. In 1998, he decided to have LASIK to correct his nearsightedness. It wasn’t long before he got rid of the glasses and shaved off the facial hair to create a new look. So many fans asked about the change that the question now appears in the FAQ section on Weird Al’s website.

Although these celebrities all report positive experiences with LASIK, the surgery isn’t right for everyone. Talk with your eye doctor about the specifics before deciding whether or not to undergo the procedure. In many cases, it’s possible to experience complete restoration to 20/20 vision.

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