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5 Athletes Who Have Had LASIK

By admin January 21, 2016

one of the athletes who have had lasik

Vision correction laser surgery, commonly known as LASIK, is popular among athletes and others who require pristine vision to achieve peak performance in their professions. Many experience beneficial results, but the procedure isn’t without its drawbacks.

Big Names in LASIK

Many athletes who have had LASIK are now advocates for the procedure, citing improvements not only in vision but also in their ability to compete.

• Troy Aikman, a former Dallas Cowboys quarterback, enjoys 20/20 eyesight after having LASIK surgery to correct serious visual imbalances.
• Wayne Chrebet of the New York Jets claims that “eyesight and perfect vision are keys to [his] success.”
• Professional golfer, Tiger Woods, may be able to credit some of his impressive records to improvements from LASIK.
• LeBron James of the NBA reports clearer vision on the court, which likely contributes to a better game.
• Dwayne Wade, also of the NBA, recently joined the ranks of athletes whose vision has been corrected with LASIK.

Is Surgery Worth It?

For many athletes, wearing glasses or contact lenses is difficult during gameplay. In rough sports, such as football, corrective eyewear is often impractical. For the average person, however, LASIK may not always be the best way to fix vision problems.


LASIK may be able to restore eyesight to 20/20 or better in people with average levels of nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism. This can help alleviate uncomfortable symptoms, such as headaches and eye strain. The procedure is quick and usually only needs to be done once in order to achieve results. Recovery time is short compared to many other types of surgery. If vision changes occur in the future, LASIK can be repeated years after the initial procedure to prevent the need for corrective eyewear.


All surgery carries some risks, which is why you should never jump in to any procedure without knowing the potential drawbacks. LASIK surgery can’t be undone, so any problems that arise can only be corrected with another procedure. Additional surgery may also be necessary in the event that the first procedure doesn’t completely fix vision problems. Some people find that they still need to wear glasses or contacts after having LASIK correction.

Visual abnormalities have also been reported by some LASIK patients. These include:

• Blurred vision
• Sensitivity to light or glare
• Poor night vision
• Different visual strength in each eye
• Seeing “halos” of light around objects
• Dryness that gets worse over time

In addition, those who regularly participate in contact sports should think twice about LASIK. Any kind of trauma to the face or head can knock the LASIK flap out of place and cause complications.

Take the balance of benefits and risks into account when deciding whether or not to have LASIK surgery. If poor vision is impairing your ability to do your job or live life, you may be a good candidate. Talk with your doctor about what you can expect after the procedure, and follow his or her recommendations for recovery to ensure optimal results.

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