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Are Sports More Fun After LASIK?

By admin March 31, 2016

a couple running and enjoying life after lasikMany sports professionals opt for LASIK eye surgery to correct mild to moderate vision problems that affect their performance. For the casual athlete, the improvements offered by LASIK can make everyday activities more fun. If you participate in one or more of the following sports, LASIK may be a good option for you.

Four Sports that are More Enjoyable After LASIK

1. Running: Running while wearing glasses or contacts is more than a little inconvenient. Glasses tend to slip as you begin to sweat and become useless if you get caught in the rain. Contacts can also slip or fall out entirely, leaving you with blurry, unbalanced vision. Also, areas with a lot of sand and dust could spell disaster if any gritty particles get stuck under your contacts or coat your glasses. In other words, you could wind up spending most of your run correcting problems with eyewear rather than enjoying the feeling of an even stride.

2. Swimming: It’s not easy to swim with glasses on, and swimming without them can make it difficult to see and avoid obstacles at the beach or in a public pool. Wearing contacts in natural bodies of water puts you at risk for eye infections, and chlorinated water can actually be absorbed into the lens. Water sports that involve high pressure, such as SCUBA diving, can create suction-like force that damages your vision. That’s why laser eye surgery is often a better choice for active swimmers. You’ll enjoy your time in the water more when you can see where you’re going and don’t have to worry about losing eyewear or harming your vision.

3. Golfing: Dedicated golfers are always looking for ways to improve their game. LASIK can correct problems with distance vision so that every shot you make is more precise. The surgery also eliminates the risk of flying sand or turf becoming lodged under a contact lens, a problem that can result in surface scratches and other eye damage. Wearing glasses can serve the same purpose, but the constant switch from looking down to looking into the distance can present a challenge if your lenses aren’t meant to support such rapid refocusing.

4. Tennis: Tennis is a good example of how just about any sport played on an outdoor court can be more enjoyable after LASIK. You can focus more on the game when you’re not thinking about your glasses getting damaged by a flying ball, your contacts falling out, or dirt contaminating your vision. You have more clarity to aim your shots and anticipate where those of your opponent will fall. The same principle applies to volleyball, basketball, baseball and even simple backyard games, like badminton.

While LASIK may be beneficial for these lower-impact activities, it may not be suitable if you participate in rough contact sports. Your eye doctor can help you decide if this surgery is the right choice to improve sports performance or if you should consider an alternative option.

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