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7 Ways to Keep Your Eyes Healthy This Summer

By admin May 15, 2015

South Florida Eye SpecialistSummer is the season for relaxing by the pool and soaking up the sun, especially if you live in South Florida. This is also the time of year when you have to protect your eyes more than ever.

Typically when temperatures soar so do the cases of common eye problems, such as allergies, red eyes, conjunctivitis and migraines. To prevent these health issues from occurring, it’s important to protect and practice proper eye hygiene. At CorrectVision Laser Institute, we care about your eye health, so we have provided you with seven tips on how to protect your vision this summer.

How to Protect Your Eyes

When you step out into the sun’s rays, you should abide by the following tips:

1. Wear ultraviolet protective wraparound sunglasses that absorb at least 99 percent of UVA and UVB light. These sunglasses will prevent future migraines and long-term eye diseases like cataracts.

2. When you are about to take a dip in the pool, make sure that you wear goggles over your eyes to avoid catching conjunctivitis.

3. Avoid rubbing your eyes with unclean hands, specifically if you’re outdoors in a public place or if you’re sweaty. If you rub your eyes with unclean hands, you may run the risk of introducing infections or allergens into your eyes.

4. Don’t splash water into your eyes. If you do, there is a likely possibility that it will wash away the tear film (the protective layer of the eye). Apply water to your eyes only if foreign particles, like dust, enter them.

5. Always wash your hands and face the moment you get home. This will prevent any dust or grime from entering your eyes and causing eye allergies.

6. Stay away from dust, perfume, cosmetics, smoke, mould and pollen to prevent the possibility of experience eye allergies.

7. Gently exfoliate the eyelids or rub the eyelids softly to get rid of dead cells. This will prevent the development of styes, which occur because of an accumulation of dead cells and germs.

CorrectVision Laser Institute is one of Florida’s most advanced vision correction practices and has extensive experience in eye health. Our goal is to open your eyes to the world of great vision by offering unparalleled expertise and the most advanced technology available. Contact us today for a consultation with one of our South Florida eye specialists, located in Hollywood, Weston and Pembroke Pines!

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