Dr. Jeffrey Robin

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Jeffrey. Robin, M.D., has been performing laser vision correction for more than 20 years. In total, Dr. Robin has performed more than 65,000 laser vision and other refractive surgical correction procedures. Dr. Robin performed the first laser vision correction procedures in the state of Illinois and was among the first to perform LASIK in the state of Ohio.

Dr. Robin is believed to have been the first ophthalmologist in the world to personally have laser vision correction in 1992. He has traveled to more than 335 cities in more than 30 countries; many of these involved performing and teaching vision correction surgery. For much of his career, Dr. Robin has worked at university ophthalmology programs, including the University of Southern California, the University of Illinois at Chicago, Rush-Presbyterian, the Cleveland Clinic Foundation and Case Western Reserve University. He still retains a great love for teaching and research. Dr. Robin is presently Associate Professor of Ophthalmology at the new University of Central Florida College of Medicine and looks forward to helping this dynamic institution develop an ophthalmology program.

Dr. Robin’s career began as a corneal transplant surgeon but then soon became focused on the development of the field of elective vision correction surgery. Dr. Robin relocated from Cleveland to the Orlando, Florida area so that he could continue working with ISRS as its Executive Director.

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