From Brown to Blue: A New Laser Eye Surgery Can Potentially Alter Your Eye Color

By admin April 14, 2015

LASIK eye surgery in Fort LauderdaleThe genetic material of both parents will determine a child’s eye color. However, the influence of each parent won’t be fully known until after the child is born. Eye color can vary depending on the iris, which consists of the pigmentation responsible for selecting an eye color. Predicting a person’s eye colors is difficult because there are many possibilities, such as black, brown, blue, gray, green, hazel or a combination of colors.

One color in particular has caught the attention of many since the evolution of man began. Blue eyes have been a measurement of attractiveness in many cultures. In fact, in Paleolithic societies, blue eyes stood out more and made it easier for others to notice pupil dilation (this determines the attraction felt toward another). Laser eye surgery in Miami has become increasingly popular over the last decade.

In today’s society, only 17 percent of the population has blue eyes, yet an estimated 80 percent wishes they had blue eye color. The popular desire for blue eyes can now be attained due to the advancement of medical technology and Stroma Medical. Stroma Medical pioneered a laser eye surgery that works to eliminate the brown melanin that’s present in the anterior layers of an iris. According to Dr. Gregg Homer, “The fundamental principle is that under every brown eye is a blue eye.”

How it Works

The laser procedure disrupts the layer of pigment, which then causes the body to begin eliminating the tissue naturally. By removing this pigment, more light is able to enter the stroma (small fibers that resemble bicycle spokes in a light eye). Once the light has scattered, the shortest wavelength (blue) will be reflected back.

This procedure generally takes about 20 seconds to complete, and the results of this treatment will generally take a few weeks to fully transpire. Stroma Medical created this procedure as a safer, cheaper and more convenient option for those who want blue eyes.

How Safe is it?

It has been reported that 17 patients in Mexico and 20 patients in Costa Rica have already undergone the procedure. However, the procedure still has not been given the “go ahead” in the United States.

According to preliminary research done by the medical board of Stroma Medical, the surgery is completely safe. The low intensity laser makes it difficult to injure someone, especially since it’s working on the iris (not near the pupil or any portion inside the eye where the nerves affect vision).

If the United States approves this procedure, its estimated would be approximately $5,000.

What are the Risks?

With the news of this procedure, many eye health professionals remain skeptical about its effectiveness; one ophthalmologist in particular is Saj Khan of the London Eye hospital. His main concern rests on the fact that pigment will be released into the eye, which could potentially clog up the normal drainage channel and run the risk of increasing the pressure built up in the eye. This pressure could then result in the patient being diagnosed with glaucoma.

Stroma Medical has confirmed that the pigment they will use is too fine to cause glaucoma; however, there may still be short-term, small risks that could be endured by patients.

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