TruHD LASIK™ is the most advanced refractive surgery available to help patients achieve clearer vision. Utilizing height data-guided mapping technology alongside an advanced femptosecond and excimer lasers, TruHD LASIK™ smooths the surface of the cornea to enhance vision quality in a way that has ever been possible before.
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A Monumental Stride Forward
in Refractive Surgery
Currently the most advanced LASIK procedure available in the U.S., 
TruHD LASIK™ has been proven to help over 90% of patients see as well or better without glasses than they did with glasses.
The Technology

TruHD LASIK™ uses height-data planning software to optimize the laser
reshaping of the cornea, providing the best clinical results of any laser
tested and approved by the FDA.

Utilizing unparalleled diagnostic capabilities, TruHD LASIK™ identifies and records imperfections in the curvature and optics of the cornea, creating a map of the cornea’s surface.

Combining those measurements with the eyeglass prescription, TruHD LASIK™ is able smooth the cornea to its optimal state to give the eyes a better focusing surface. The technique goes hand-in-hand with our state-of-the-art WaveLight® EX500, allowing CorrectVision’s TruHD LASIK™ surgeons to create a truly customized LASIK procedure that enhances eyesight with stunning results.


Learn more about LASIK with Dr. Marc Bosem by reading our guide ‘The Next Revolution of LASIK’

Refractive Surgery Experts

Dr. Marc Bosem is a Florida LASIK pioneer and has long been in the forefront of developing innovative LASIK technology. He was among the first refractive surgery experts in the nation to use the first innovative eye technology such as 60Hz IntraLase, Wavelight Suite, and LaserSight and has been intimately involved in the development of new surgical lasers and advising on industry standards.

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