Glitz and Glam Holiday Party


Ms. Esthetics and Opthalmology

Happy Holidays everyone!  I love the holidays, Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas and New Year’s Eve/Day.  There is no better feeling to me of family love, exciting and sometimes not exciting parties, the anticipation of gifts and the glitz, glitter and glam.  I love watching the children playing together and anticipating receiving the gifts they yearn for.

Speaking of glitz and glam I always want to look my best, especially during the holidays.  One year I looked in the mirror and thought I looked tired.  Well since I’m a hundred and eight what else can I expect?  Maybe I shouldn’t look in mirrors or perhaps I should try to improve the way I look.  Of course I had no choice I really wanted a bit of sprucing up.

However I woke up two days later and felt a pain in my right eye and it was swollen. OMG I needed an ophthalmologist asap!  I called the office of my extraordinary eye doctor, Marc Bosem MD for an appointment.  During my visit Marc told me that he had a new associate, an oculofacial plastic surgeon, Dr. Dan.  Dr. Bosem told me that Dr. Dan Georgescu was trained here and in Europe, an incredible physician and an artist.  Jenna, the manager of the offices, who is a friend that I trust implicitly, was very enthusiastic and happy to have Dr Dan as an additional doctor and a plastic surgeon.  “Every woman’s dream has come true for me” explained Jenna. “Wait until you see his work” she said as she pulled up pictures on her computer.  I was looking at before and after pictures on the screen and they were amazing.  I wanted to make an appointment badly but needed to learn more about Dr Dan before I put my ancient face in his hands.  I did what every intelligent woman does I went to the FBI!  Sorry…. that was a dream I had.

This is what I found out about Dr Dan and needless to say I was impressed and anxious for him to help me freshen up my face and get me ready for the holidays. BTW He is an oculofacial plastic surgeon, which means he has two medical degrees.  One degree is in ophthalmology and one in plastic surgery.  Plus Dr Dan has a Masters of Science from Yale University, New Haven Connecticut., a PhD from UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, Tx and received his Medical Degree from Carol Davila university of Medicine, Bucharest Romania.  Not bad for an eighteen year old!  Just kidding!!!

My now revered doctor, Dan Georgescu MD, was born in Bucharest Roumania.  When he was sixteen, he was thinking about his future and had diversified interests. His Uncles, who were role models were doctors, scientists and tech nerds.  He decided to spend time interning with each of them to see what would interest him. As it turned out he loved all of it.  With his natural love of beauty and his great interest in art and the tech world, he chose ophthalmology and plastic surgery. Technically Dr. Dan is a skilled physician and surgeon.   Esthetically he is an accomplished and talented Plastic Surgeon.

Interestingly, my favorite doctor in addition to Marc Bosem, had a private practice in Biarritz, France. Cote d’Aargen,, France and  Paris, France.

Additionally he was the Assistant Professor of Opthamology and Oculo-Facial Plastic Surgery at the Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins Medical Institute, Baltimore, Md.  In Salt Lake City, Utah,. Dr. Dan also taught at the Opthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery Salt Lake City Medical  Center.  He taught in Bucharest, Paris, and last but not least at Yale University.  Phew, there is more, but I want to keep you interested so just trust me! This physician is a gem.

Dr. Dan’s Resume is long and awesome.  However I want to say on a personal note, that besides incredible credentials, you are going to love him.    He creates a natural look as he is an artist, but when anyone leaves his office, he or she has more confidence, is happier than when arriving and looks fabulous!  I know that this is true, because I am speaking for myself as well as other patients. As my friend Linda said when she saw me after a visit to Dr. Dan,” I want those lips”!!!