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Dry Eye Treatments

Dry eyes are no fun: They itch, sting and tear up. Many LASIK patients, approximately 50%, experience dry eye symptoms following their LASIK surgery. The reason so many people experience dry eye after LASIK is that the creation of the corneal flap affects the nerves that regulate the production of tears. If you have developed… Read more »

6 Simple Steps to Improve Your Eyesight

a girl with green eyes showing what your eyes reveal about your health

Keeping your eyesight in good condition is important at all stages of life, but most people only think about eye health when they begin to develop vision problems. Taking preventative measures to improve your eyesight helps fend off visual decline and prevent common diseases, and it’s never too early to get started. Block Out the… Read more »

Reduce the Chances of a Car Accident with an Eye Test

Eye Tests are crucial to helping people drive safely.

Passing the eye test required to renew your license may legally qualify you to drive, but being at or above the legal limit doesn’t always mean you’ll be safe on the road. Getting your eyes tested and using common sense to maintain eye health is a more reliable way to ensure you’re clear to be… Read more »

Don’t Be Fooled by These 5 Eye Health Myths

Mid-aged couple watches TV and surf the web on their couch.

  Everybody says sitting too close to the television or reading in low light is bad for your eyes, but are these “facts” really true? Find out which eye health myths could be sabotaging your personal vision care. Only Bright Sunlight Damages Eyes Harmful UV rays from sunlight are always filtering through the atmosphere, even… Read more »

Carrots Really Are Good for Your Eyes

Carrot juice and carrots are really good for your eyes.

When your mother told you eating carrots would help you see, she might not have known why carrots, in particular, are associated with eye health. Recently, a study uncovered a potential reason why carrots really are good for your eyes and may have the power to prevent a common eye disease. Warding Off Damage Age-related… Read more »