Month: December 2017

Advancements in LASIK

LASIK surgery is the most popular laser vision correction procedure performed today, and for good reason. Ongoing advancements in laser technology and ophthalmology have made way for successful surgeries and better visual outcomes. At Correct Vision in Pembroke Pines, Dr. Bosem utilizes the latest advancements in LASIK surgery to offer patients the best possible vision correction experience…. Read more »

When LASIK May Have to Wait

If you have made the decision to undergo LASIK laser vision correction surgery, you may be anxious to schedule your procedure as soon as possible. Millions of patients have benefited from LASIK, but there are times when LASIK may have to wait. During Pregnancy – Due to hormone fluctuations that occur during pregnancy and while… Read more »

What Does Refractive Surgery Mean?

Refractive surgery is eye surgery that is performed to eliminate or reduce dependency on contact lenses or glasses, although some people still need prescription eye glasses or contacts after the procedure. It is used to improve the refractive state of the eye which improves natural vision. Refractive surgery can include a variety of methods of… Read more »

LASIK Surgery Recovery Time

The vast majority of patients see very well after LASIK surgery and are happy with their vision. LASIK recovery is often minimal and very little time passes between surgery and when patients achieve very clear vision. In Hollywood, Dr. Bosem is dedicated to helping all patients achieve optimal vision and LASIK can be a great option… Read more »