Month: August 2016

What Are These Eye Symptoms Telling You About Your Health?

A young woman puts eye drops in her eyes.

The eyes are often called the “window to the soul,” but it may be more accurate to say they’re a window to your overall health. Symptoms of many conditions may manifest in the eyes, sometimes providing advanced notice of serious health concerns. Seeing Red Red, itchy, watery eyes usually accompany allergies. Common allergens include pollen,… Read more »

Can Nighttime Smartphone Use Cause Temporary Blindness?

young man uses his smartphone in the dark while in bed

If you cuddle up with your smartphone in bed at night, you could be putting yourself at risk for temporary blindness. A recent report of two case studies published in the New England Journal of Medicine links nighttime smartphone use to a common but disturbing phenomenon in which vision is apparently lost in one eye… Read more »

Why You Have An Eye Twitch

Young woman closing one eye in response to an eye twitch.

Developing a sudden twitch in your eyelid is annoying but not uncommon. Most people experience a minor eye twitch at some point in their lives and ignore it until it passes. But why does it happen? Here, we explore the eye twitch and how identifying the type of twitch and its underlying cause determines the best… Read more »