Month: June 2016

Is Virtual Reality a Threat to Eye Health?

Image of woman wearing virtual reality headset.

Virtual reality has been slowly trickling into the mainstream in recent years, and with it come concerns about how it may affect your eyes and brain. VR headsets are viewed much more closely and project a different type of image than screens already associated with conditions such as computer eye strain. Doctors and researchers are… Read more »

Eye Spy: Gauging the Distance of Human Sight

Image of starry sky as seen by the human eye.

Have you ever looked at the sky and wondered how far the eye can see? You may feel like you can see forever when you look up at the stars at night, but the actual distance at which the naked eye can perceive light is the subject of debate. Many scientists have performed experiments using… Read more »

How Do Seasonal Allergies Affect Eye Health?

Image of blonde girl blowing her nose as a result of reaction to seasonal allergies.

Seasonal allergic conjunctivitis (SAC) is a common condition that pops up in spring and summer when pollen levels are high. This irritating eye problem causes multiple symptoms that make it hard to enjoy the beauty of the season, but it can be treated with lifestyle modifications and simple remedies. Common Triggers for Seasonal Allergies Pollen… Read more »

Can Video Game Screen Time Hurt Your Vision?

Couple playing video games

As technology advances, video games continue to grow in popularity as a leisure activity for kids and adults. From consoles to mobile devices, people are spending hundreds of hours immersed in digital worlds. So how does this abundant “screen time” affect eye health, and what can be done to counteract the effects? Here are four… Read more »