Month: March 2016

Are Sports More Fun After LASIK?

a couple running and enjoying life after lasik

Many sports professionals opt for LASIK eye surgery to correct mild to moderate vision problems that affect their performance. For the casual athlete, the improvements offered by LASIK can make everyday activities more fun. If you participate in one or more of the following sports, LASIK may be a good option for you. Four Sports that… Read more »

How to Maintain Your Vision While at Work

a business man learning how to maintain his vision at work

If you work on a computer for most of the day and experience symptoms, such as eyestrain, blurred vision, dry or burning eyes, headaches or trouble focusing, you could be suffering from computer vision syndrome (CVS). Making a few changes to your workstation and your daily routine can bring relief and protect your eyes from long-term damage…. Read more »

4 LASIK Alternatives for Patients Who Don’t Qualify

a woman who is undergoing one of the lasik alternatives

LASIK is a popular form of laser vision correction, but the procedure isn’t right for everyone. If you have thin corneas, corneal disease, extremely dry eyes or a high degree of refractive error, your eye doctor may tell you that you’re not a good candidate for the surgery. Participating in contact sports or working a high-impact… Read more »

How You May Be Causing Eye Damage Without Knowing It

a person with brown, blue and green eyes unknowingly causing eye damage

Habits that most people don’t even think about can cause eye damage that accumulates over time. If any of these five daily practices sound familiar to you, it’s time to take action to correct them and preserve your vision. 5 Ways You May Be Unknowingly Causing Eye Damage 1. Leaving Your Water Bottle Behind Dehydration… Read more »