Month: February 2016

The Top 6 Eye Conditions Due to Aging

a man with one of the top eye conditions due to aging

It’s normal for vision to change with age. Some conditions are so common that they’re considered unavoidable. Others are more serious and require treatment to restore eye health. If you experience any of the following eye conditions due to aging, make an appointment with your eye doctor to discuss your options. 1. Presbyopia Common in… Read more »

Is LASIK Right for You?

a girl undergoing lasik surgery demonstrating the question is lasik right for you

LASIK is the most popular form of laser eye surgery thanks to its fast results and relatively quick recovery time. During the procedure, your eye doctor creates a flap in your cornea and uses a laser to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism by reshaping the underlying tissue. If you’re thinking about having LASIK, consider these… Read more »

Your Eyes Need Love, Too: 5 Eye Care Tips for Lasting Health

a couple showing their eyes some love using eye care tips

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and your eyes are looking for some love. Practicing these smart eye care tips can preserve your vision for many years by slowing or even preventing degeneration as you age. 1. Shield and Protect You encounter many situations throughout the day that may be harmful for your eyes. Simply stepping… Read more »

7 Quirky Struggles of Wearing Contacts

a contact lens wearing showing the struggles of wearing contacts

Whether you just started wearing contacts or are an experienced pro, you’re no doubt familiar with the problems that these tiny corrective lenses can cause. From the slightly annoying to the truly painful, people who don’t use contacts will never understand these seven daily struggles of wearing contacts. 1. Dealing with Irritating Comments You’re not… Read more »