Month: January 2016

The Secret to Younger Looking Eyes

a woman who has embraced the secret to younger looking eyes

How you treat your eyes influences how quickly the telltale signs of aging appear. The secret to younger looking eyes is to incorporate these practices into your daily routine to prevent wrinkles, puffiness and vision loss. 1. Protect Against Sun Damage Your eyes, including the delicate areas around them, are susceptible to damage from UV… Read more »

5 Athletes Who Have Had LASIK

one of the athletes who have had lasik

Vision correction laser surgery, commonly known as LASIK, is popular among athletes and others who require pristine vision to achieve peak performance in their professions. Many experience beneficial results, but the procedure isn’t without its drawbacks. Big Names in LASIK Many athletes who have had LASIK are now advocates for the procedure, citing improvements not… Read more »

How to Relieve Digital Eye Strain

a girl experiencing digital eye strain

An estimated 70 percent of Americans suffer from eye strain caused by staring at computers and other digital devices too much throughout the day. Also called Computer Vision Syndrome, symptoms of digital eye strain include: • Irritated, tired or twitching eyes • Eye dryness • Headaches A few simple changes to your working habits and environment can… Read more »

Why You Should Get LASIK in 2016

a picture of glasses on an eye chart explaining why you should get lasik in 2016

Are you suffering from poor vision and rely on glasses to help you see? A new year is a great way to motivate yourself to explore your options and finally enjoy clearer vision. Here is why you should get LASIK in 2016! 1. Conveniently Clearer Vision Independence from vision aids, such as glasses and contact… Read more »