Month: October 2015

CorrectVision: Norman’s LASIK Testimonial

a man speaking about his experience with lasik eye surgery

CorrectVision Laser Institute is one of Florida’s most advanced vision correction practices with extensive experience in LASIK eye surgery. Our goal is to open your eyes to the world of great vision by offering unparalleled expertise and the most advanced technology available. Contact us today for a consultation with one of our South Florida eye… Read more »

The Effects of Texting on Your Eye Health

a man on his phone showing you the effects of texting on eye health

According to the latest Nielsen study, the average person sends about 500 text messages a month. With all this time spent staring at a screen, the effects of texting on eye health is evident now more than ever. Texting is considered ‘near work’ or work where the eyes are forced to focus on an object placed… Read more »

What Your Eyes Reveal About Your Health

a girl with green eyes showing what your eyes reveal about your health

Did you know that your eyes are the most expressive part of your body? Commonly referred to as the “window to the soul”, your eyes can indicate more than just your emotions. They can also reveal underlying health problems that you may not even be aware of. While dark circles and puffy eyes may seem like minor imperfections,… Read more »

5 Myths and Facts About Laser Eye Surgery

a girl showing off the facts of laser eye surgery

Laser eye surgery is one of the most widely performed surgeries in the world, with an estimated 30 million people treated each year. Although it has only been performed in the U.S. for 25 years, many people are still apprehensive about the procedure due to certain myths they perceive to be true. At CorrectVision Laser… Read more »

When Not to Wear Contact Lenses: Four Common Ways We Risk Eye Health

a girl demonstrating when not to wear contact lenses

An estimated 125 million people wear contact lenses in the world. In a new study released by the CDC, a reported 99 percent of those people engage in habits that risk the health of their eyes. While contact lenses provide many numerous benefits to a wearer’s eyesight, there are also many risks associated with the… Read more »