Month: July 2015

Is Laser Cataract Surgery the Future?

The eye has two structures that work together to focus light into the retina. A cataract occurs when the lens that focuses light becomes clouded or discolored, scattering light before it reaches the retina, causing hazy or blurred vision. The most common way to treat cataracts is through a manual surgery done by a surgeon…. Read more »

Effective Healing Tips for LASIK Recovery

LASIK eye surgery is a procedure that repairs a person’s eyesight, eliminating the need for corrective lenses or contacts. The  LASIK recovery time is relatively fast after the procedure, but there are many things a patient can do to further speed up the process. Below are some effective tips to help you heal and recover… Read more »

Can you Swim with Contact Lenses?

Swimming with contact lenses should be avoided in order to ensure there is no damage to the eye through bacterial infections, irritation or contamination. The FDA recommendation states that contact lenses should not be exposed to any kind of water, ranging from bodies of water to water from a shower. Water can be a carrier… Read more »

Eye Safety Tips to Follow This July 4th Weekend

When you think of July 4th the first things that come to mind are BBQs, pool parties and fireworks. While this holiday can be filled with fun and excitement, it’s also a time that you should be aware of the dangers of fireworks. In the past three years, eye injuries due to fireworks have more… Read more »