Month: April 2015

The Top 3 Myths About Correcting Your Vision With Laser Eye Surgery

When considering laser eye surgery, many people research beforehand of what the procedure entails. The Internet is a hub for two forms of information: truths and myths. There are many stories online that emphasize surgical complications related to the surgery from unsatisfied patients that may make future candidates hesitate. However, when it comes to something… Read more »

What is Really Causing Your Dry Eyes?

For individuals with contact lenses, one of the most common complaints is dry eyes. Contacts tend to cause dry eyes because of its constant need to draw out moisture from the surface tear film of the eye to keep the lens hydrated. Although contacts have many benefits, this draw back keeps its users having to… Read more »

Medieval Eye Infection Remedy Proves Potent Against MRSA

Dating back to the 10th century, a medical concoction consisting of two species of Allium (typically found in garlic, onion, leek, wine, oxgall and bile from the stomach of a cow) was used to treat eye infections. For the desired results, physicians would brew the mixture in a brass vessel, purify it through a strainer… Read more »

From Brown to Blue: A New Laser Eye Surgery Can Potentially Alter Your Eye Color

The genetic material of both parents will determine a child’s eye color. However, the influence of each parent won’t be fully known until after the child is born. Eye color can vary depending on the iris, which consists of the pigmentation responsible for selecting an eye color. Predicting a person’s eye colors is difficult because… Read more »