Month: December 2014

Laser Eye Surgery vs. Contacts: Which is Safer?

When comparing laser eye surgery to placing contacts into your eye, you may conclude that contacts are the safest option. However, recent studies have suggested that the risk of wearing contacts might outweigh those of laser eye surgery. Researchers from the Oregon Health and Science University discovered that the risk of vision loss with laser… Read more »

When is the Best Age to Have LASIK Surgery?

Age is a key determinant of many life events, such as your first time driving, voting, working and retiring. However, there is no set age for LASIK surgery. But there is a specific, common age parameter when individuals decide to undergo LASIK surgery. The most common age parameter for this procedure is between the ages… Read more »

Is LASIK Eye Surgery on your Christmas List?

Consider including LASIK eye surgery on your Christmas list this holiday season! Many individuals believe that, due to the cost of LASIK eye surgery, the procedure is unaffordable. However, the procedure price encompasses more than just the surgery itself. Before scheduling your surgery, you will be given a detailed list of what the price for LASIK… Read more »

What can you do to Lower the Risk with your Laser Eye Surgery?

The safety of laser eye surgery has increased over the years due to modern technology and more experienced surgeons. Although safety has increased drastically, the procedures do still pose some risks. Many individuals who undergo this type of surgery experience some side effects such as dry eyes or eye redness. These are only temporary and… Read more »