Month: January 2011

Testimonial from Thomas M., Stockbroker

I had been wearing glasses since I was five years old, contact lenses (both hard and soft), for the past twenty years. I had researched corrective surgery in its various forms for over eight years. LASIK was the first procedure I felt comfortable enough to actually proceed with. I had surgery done on February 19th…. Read more »

Testimonial from Steven B., Television Producer

I was somewhat skeptical about the success of LASIK surgery, but after having underwent the surgery in October, I would highly recommend the procedure. For someone who has been forced with living with the day-to-day rigors of glasses and contact lenses, LASIK surgery is like being reborn with 20/20 vision or vision very close to… Read more »

Testimonial from Lenny Miller, C.P.A.

I work with numbers all day long. I can see 20/20, no more glasses for me! Dr. Bosem and his staff were great! Lenny Miller C.P.A.

Testimonial from Alfonso Rodriguez, Police Officer

I highly recommend the LASIK surgery to anyone contemplating it. The procedure was fast and in a week I went from horrible vision to 20/15 vision. Certainly worth every penny and I would recommend Dr. Bosem to anyone who wants clearer vision. Alfonso Rodriguez Police Officer